Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Part 4 - Dylan Wykes

4) Dylan Wykes  - Last but certainly not least. In fact, I'm putting my money on this guy to be Canada's next Marathon record holder.
Age 28 from Kingston, Ontario.
Sponsor: Mizuno
Non-running skill: Nerd. To the best of my knowledge, he recently completed his Masters in Epidemiology from Queen's University!

The reason why I say that Dylan is going to be the next big thing is because he's already THE big thing and is still getting faster, which clearly isn't easy at that level! He's just so versatile it's scary - from the mile (4:01.15, indoors no less) to the marathon (2:12:39) he is 'mastered' (ha!) all the distances. His 2:12 marathon came during a big victory at the California International Marathon in 2010. 

The same weekend as the Olympic Trials in Houston, Dylan ran, and WON, the Rock N' Roll Arizona half marathon in a reeeeeeediculous time of 62:38 (4:47/mile or 2:58/km) - 6 mins ahead of 2nd place! Which has him eyeing a berth on the Olympic marathon squad. He'll be racing for such a privilege he so clearly deserves in March in Japan (on which I'll be undoubtedly be updating you on). He has every bit of 2:10 for a marathon in him by the looks of the way his training and performances are going. I'll be shocked if he is not the 3rd man running 26.2 miles in London in August. You heard it here first.

*The last bit of last bit of news for this week is about Taylor Milne setting the 1,000m world's best mark this year!

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