Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Week 3 - News and Notes

Bonjour & welcome back to another installment of Going Pro!

Last week we focused on the Canadian Men chasing after a trip to London this summer and to break Jerome Drayon's lasting marathon record of 2:10:09.

Before we get to the Canadian Women, I have to update you on two incredible pieces of running news from this weekend:

1) Remember the name Cameron Levins. The Black Creek, British Columbia native who runs at Southern Utah University hit superhuman running status (at least in my opinion) this weekend at the University of Washington's (Seattle) indoor track meet.

On Friday night, Levins won the 5,000m in a outrageous time of 13:42 (4:24/mile or 2:44/km)!!! Then, less than 24 hours later, he ran and won the 3,000m in a incredible time of 7:48 (4:11/mile or 2:36/km) over two of the top American collegiate runners (Miles Batty and Sam Chelenga). I literally run 200m at that pace, or slower, in workouts...with lots of rest in between reps... this is just mindblowing!

This result comes on top of his 4th place finish at the NCAA XC championships in November 2011 where 300 of the top American collegiate runners face-off in Terre Haute, Indiana. Levins is the real deal and is destined for more than just All-American honors status. He'll be the next Canuck setting the track world on fire in the years to come.

*Levins' training consists of 155 miles (or 250 km) per week! No big deal...

2) Friday past (Jan 27), the Dubai Marathon finished with the fastest marathon field in marathon history! Here are some interesting... ridiculous... stats:

- Purse: 1st: $250,000   2nd: $100,000   3rd: $50,000....10th: $10,000
The following has never happened before:
- 17 men broke 2:10:00 [4:57/mile or 3:05/km]
- 14 of those dipped under 2:08:00 [4:52/mile or 3:02/km]
- 8 of those ran under 2:06 [4:48/mile or 2:59/km]
- 4 of those went under 2:05

Ayele Abshero winning 2012 Dubai Marathon

Now for THE stat of the 2012: The winner, Ayale Abshero from Ethiopia, ran 2:04:23 [4:44/mile or 2:57/km]  at the age of 21 in his first marathon ever! Which is by far the fastest debut ever. With the big money being thrown at the marathon these days, there are more and more young runners moving up to the 26.2 for a pay day!

And if you really want your head to hurt, read what I wrote up about the Kenyan Marathon Squad selected for the Olympics!

Click here for the Canadian women who set the roads on fire.

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