Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Kenyan Marathon Squad Selected

Other Weekly Professional Running News

Back when I was aged 10 to say... 22... I used to play EA Sports' NHL 94 - 97 on Sega Genesis religiously. The best part about it is that I would always go and trade the best players from the league onto my team. I believe this was called 'stacking my team'. When it comes to running Kenya is already the pre-stacked team - involving no trades. Just take a look at this:

Kenya Selects Tentative Olympic Marathon Squad.

Final selections will be made on April 30th.
*WARNING: The personal best times listed may cause headaches.
I would NOT want to have the job of choosing the 3 of these men! You might as well pull names out of a hat!

Men (with personal best times)

Patrick Makau - 2:03:38 (4:43/mile or 2:56/km)

Marathon World Record Holder

Winner of....everything!

Back to back in Berlin and Rotterdam

Geoffrey Mutai - 2:04:55 (4:43/mile or 2:57.5/km)
  • FASTEST 26.2'er EVER...unofficially!

    He won the 2011 Boston Marathon in a wind-aided time of 2:03:02

  • Winner of the 2011 NYC marathon

Emmanuel Mutai (No relation to Geoffrey) - 2:04:39

Winner of 2011 London Marathon

2nd place 2011 NYC marathon

2nd place 2010 London

Abel Kirui - 2:05:04
    Winner of 2009 Berlin Marathon

    2011 Marathon World Champion (South Korea)
Broke the 25,000m world record on track (but came 2nd place in the race to...

Moses Mosop - 2:05:37

25,000m (72:25) & 30,000m (86:47) world record holder

Unofficially the 2nd fastest man alive as he placed 2nd at 2011 Boston in 2:03:06

**That was his first marathon ever...

Wilson Kipsang - 2:03:42

Officially the 2nd fastest marathon ever with a 2:03:42 in the 2011 in Frankfurt

**Note: ALL 6 of these men (& many others) have personal best times faster than the American marathon record (2:05:38)!!!

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