Tuesday, 21 February 2012

2012 Boston Marathon Elite Field

It's almost that time of year again. Ahh... April! Where us in Newfoundland are still shovelling while most marathoners fly across the pond (i.e. Atlantic Ocean) for the London Marathon or south for the Boston Marathon or N.Y.C. Half Marathon.

If you, or someone you know, are making the trip to any of these prestigious races I guess you should know your competition. Keep in  mind that this is an Olympic year so those with a trip to London will be cautious in racing a spring marathon, you might not see ALL the big names.

Let's start with the most famous of all

Monday, April 16, 2012

Elite Men
In the order I think they'll finish!
*12 elite  men have personal bests faster than 2:08:00 (4:53/mile or 3:02/km)
1. Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) - Unofficial world's fastest marathoner & 2011 Boston Marathon winner
                                            - PB = 2:03:02 (4:42/mile or 2:55/km)

2. Gebre Gebremariam (Ethiopia) - Winner of the 2010 NYC Marathon, 2nd at 2011 NYC Half
                                                       - Always wears sweet hats!                                                      
                                                       - PB = 2:04:53 (4:46/km or 2:58/km)

3. Robert Cheruiyot (Kenya) - Winner of the 2010 Boston Marathon
                                               - PB = 2:05:52 (4:48/mile or 2:59/km)

Elite Women
In the order I think they'll finish.

1. Aselefech Mergia (Ethiopia) - Winner of the 2012 Dubai Marathon
                                                    - PB = 2:19:31 (5:19/mile or 3:18/km)

2. Caroline Kilel (Kenya) - Winner of the 2011 Boston Marathon and 2010 Frankfurt Marathon
                                           - PB = 2:22:36 (5:26/mile or 3:23/km)

3. Sharon Cherop (Kenya) - 2nd in 2011 Boston Marathon (she's in the above picture behind Kilel)
                                              - Winner of the 2010 Toronto Waterfront Marathon
                                              - 2:22:42 (5:26/mile or 3:23/km)

Up next is the NYC Half Marathon Field

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