Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Canadian Content

Our Canadian honourable mentions this week are a bit less than normal (at least from what I could find / what I heard about). But lets get at it anyways:

First and foremost, I need to give a little love to our local superstar - who I introduced last week - Ryan Brockerville. 'Brock' is one of, if not thee, the top track (and XC) runners for Simon Fraser University (SFU) in British Columbia. This year SFU has begun competing in the NCAA which upped the competition level dramatically.


This weekend, Brockerville and SFU were down in Idaho at the Great Northwestern Athletics Conference Indoor Championship.

Brockerville competed in the Mile and the Distance Medley Relay (which consists of 4 runners taking on legs of 1200m, 400m, 800, & 1600m respectively.

In the mile Brockerville finished 2nd overall by 0.2 seconds in a time 4:12.7. While his SFU distance medley relay team won by beating their previous meet record by 1 second!

Back in Canada, there was a big Ontario University Athletics (OUA) meet at the University of Toronto. Some notable performances:

I always find the 1,000m to be an incredible event. As runners everything we do is broken down into 1km splits. I have never run a single kilometer as hard as I possibly could, but I always wonder what I could do. However, I can promise you that it isn't as fast as these guys (and many professional females):

Guelph's Rob Jackson
Men 1,000m:

1 Jackson, Rob Guelph 2:25.77
2 Boulay, Benoit Guelph 2:26.29

3 Holmes, Steve-o Guelph 2:26.36

4 Armstrong, Ryan Western 2:27.27

5 Sayers, Trent Western 2:27.00 2:27.64

6 Stevens, Evan Guelph 2:27.66

Women 1,000m:

1 Jewett, Tamara U of T Varsity  2:52.91
2 Phelan, Jaimie Laurel Creek  2:54.713 Sawyer, Kailee Laurel Creek 2:54.934 Housley, Katie U of T Varsity  2:56.225 Maher, Paulina U of T Varsity  3:05.006 Thompson, Lindsay Windsor 3:07.167 Van Hie, Carrie Trent University 3:10.65
** I had the pleasure to run with Carrie at Trent! Super athlete! Keep up the awesome running!!

 Men 1,500m

1 Davenport, Ethan U of T Varsity 3:51.79
2 Bowes, Graham McMaster University  3:54.803 Parker, Kaelan Guelph 3:58.824 Denault, Alex U of T Varsity  3:59.205 Hynes, Brendan U of T Varsity  3:59.50

Megan Brown at it again!

Women 1,500m

1 Brown, Megan Athletics Ontario  4:20.762 Thompson, Carise Guelph 4:31.173 Frost, Nadine Guelph 4:31.394 Hennessy, Colleen U of T Varsity 4:33.115 Malleck, Julia U of T Track Club 4:42.91

More Canadian Results can be found here

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