Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sheila Reid

Allow me to introduce you to, in my humble opinion, the most exciting Canadian female runner at the moment... Sheila Reid.

Canada's Sheild Reid Dominating

Sheila dominating... again.
This week... 'Remember the name Sheila Reid'. The 23-year old (her birthday is tomorrow actually!) Newmarket, Ontario native all but owns the NCAA running world from the 1,500m to XC. Allow me to brag on behalf of Sheila... and Canada.

Sheila is in her senior year at the renowned Villanova as an english major, according to the varsity cross country webpage. After a redshirting (which means you can practice with the team but not race/compete under the school's name, and doesn't count as a year of eligibility) two seasons in 2008 she has been crushing competition in almost every race she has entered.

Since 2009:
2 x 1st place in NCAA National Championships (2010, 2011)
     *this year she won by 6 tenths of a second!!
     *254 of the BEST collegiate runners are in this race
3 x 1st place in Mid-Atlantic regional XC championships
3 x 1st place in BIG EAST conference XC championships

While on the track having personal bests of:

1 Mile: 4:35
3km: 8:56.9 (4:48/mile or 2:59/km)
5km: 15:37.5 (5:02/mile or 3:07/km)

The scary thing about Sheila is her potential, she's already running outstanding times at such a young age. After her collegiate career, she'll undoubtedly be scooped up by one of the major professional training teams in the US. If/when she builds a big mileage base - with her track speed - she is going to be a competitive force for the next decade!

Now, for a change of 'pace'... here's my top 5 favorite books.

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